Ricky Paugh is the toughest sonofabitch I've ever met...'Kevin Dayo, Cameraman, RunWell Organization and 7on7 Documentary'



Motivational Speaking / Team Building

Ricky's experience includes talks for companies as big as BP, the BBC, Major League Soccer, and numerous others covering audiences of 4,000+ as well as small team events, local schools,  and after dinner speeches. Ricky's stories captivate any audience and along the way  they're guaranteed to laugh quite a bit too.




Testimonials / Media

"I've won Olympic Gold years ago but one and a half hours with Ricky, here in Oslo, gave me a lot of things to be aware of in my daily life, both private and at work. Having a big goal up front, breaking it up into smaller goals and daring to cross the lines of your comfort-zone, will at last make you manage to get it. I was certainly reminded about using energy on what you can control, instead of using energy on things you cannot, and that more is in our control than we realize. He showed the audience that everything is possible if you really want it bad enough. Ricky's energic way of telling his story was infectious and gave me energy to go and continue to make things happen. -Egil Søby, Gold Medallist, 1968 Olympic Games, and Legendary Norweigian Canoeist

Contact & Booking

For any information about hiring Ricky as a motivational, keynote, sales, or after dinner speaker, please call our London based office on +44 (0) 75000 84200 or email us at info@rickypaugh.com. Our promise is to get back to you within 24 hours.